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android tablet parental monitoring

Parental control software for android tablets was developed with the idea of keeping tabs and control of your children’s gadget activities. The only alternative to an app would be that the parent only allow the child to use the tablet when in their presence. This is generally not practical especially when your child need to do school work on the device and you are busy. Therefore; by utilising a parental control application, it is possible for the adult to know what is happening without being there all of the time. Initially many parents were interested in just controlling or filtering certain activities such as websites visited and apps installed, but now the ability to monitor their child activities has become paramount.

The reason for that is because monitoring your child communications especially instant messenger chat would take you into the real world they live in. This mean that you would be able to know the kind of young person he or she is and also correct issues before they escalate to something more serious. In a nutshell, you would be able to guide and ensure that your kids are growing the way you would like them to. Your only issue now is finding the right android parental control app to do the job for you and this is where this overview comes into play. We will be looking at two of the more popular software online today.

android-spyingThe first one name is Mobile spy and it is a family oriented mobile surveillance application. From one subscription alone you would be able to track three smart devices. This is not only an android tablet but other gadgets like the iphone, blackberry ipad, android smart phone etc. The features which are offered by this program are pretty advance and include the power to spy on twitter, facebook messenger, whatsapp, emails, sms messages, photos taken and more. The starting price is around 50 dollars which keeps it in the price range of most people. For some more details you should  to visit the vendors site.

The next choice is Peektab which is actually one of the first apps to provide parental controls for android tablets. It is not as robust as its competitor but contains just the right features to get the job done in most cases at a lower cost. This includes the ability to keep track of text messages, web history, calendar events, photos, contact details, apps installed etc. It starts at just 30 bucks which is great for those whose budget is really tight. If you would like to find out more then visit www.peektabpro.com

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